9 thoughts on “Berlin

  1. jmkd

    Major finds, good work. That session was all about Spence’s run-in with Arto, Quim Cardona’s style, and Geoff Rowley’s world’s biggest 50-50 attempt.

  2. HENRY

    Edits: Arto nollie heelflip noseslide (not nollie flip) and the nosegrind was not landed. Thanks Charlie and Milo for alerting me to these errors.

  3. jmkd

    Thanks all for the extremely important corrections. Let me add some more critical information:
    This was the day after Love Parade wasn’t it? That makes it Sunday 11th July 1999. I bought a belt from an army surplus shop that morning that lasted me until 2 weeks ago. It cost 3 marks, which the internet tells me was worth £1 at the time. That’s 10 pence a year I have spent on belts in the last decade.

  4. Gustav

    Was a nollie kickflip noseslide. Not nollie heel. So there. Video evidence? I remember it as a kickflip and check the back toe – no way heel.

  5. HENRY

    I thought so by the way he is catching it. Thanks for clearing that up. I still did not land the nosegrind though!

  6. Joel

    411 europe 99 there is footage. Maldonado ollied that gap from where someone is sitting in the first photo to the red pavement. I went here 3 years ago and it was skatestopped 🙁


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